As a former Muay Thai fighter and Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, I  was inspired by the desire to tell the stories of various other fighters, gym owners, and coaches without distortion or sacrifice in any capacity. This pursuit led to the creation of C4 Media. Once established, C4 decided to extend that same philosophy to help promote individuals involved in all types of businesses. By approaching each client’s needs with integrity, respect, and passion, it is C4’s intention to mitigate the seemingly difficult, navigation of digital self-promotion. 


Our previous productions have ranged from fighter and coach docuseries to cooking shows. In essence, our clients have found that a partnership with C4 dramatically increases the visibility of their businesses and products, and alleviates the stress of having high-quality content while ensuring that it is seen by others.  

In an age where online-marketing almost entirely dictates the success or failure of a company, it is C4 Media’s purpose to ensure that its clients are promoted and advertised in such a way that their services are exposed to formerly untapped clientele sectors. This will exponentially increase both their publicity and production of revenue. Ultimately, such exposure is what C4 Media is all about. At its core, C4 is a platform clients can use to display the true ingenuity of their endeavors, products, and quality to the world.


The staff at C4 are highly experienced individuals, who have been hand- picked by both myself and my partner. They consist of a diverse group with backgrounds in advertising, marketing, hospitality, as well as music and other content creation that we have been involved in over the past 15 years. Moreover, they are a group of like-minded and goal-driven videographers, editors, communications personnel, marketers, accountants, lawyers, bankers, etc.

Currently, C4 offers several media services.  Interested parties can inquire about the different packages C4 provides by contacting info@C4medianyc.com.

William Watson | CEO, C4 Media